Barend van Deelen

Barend van Deelen

One of the most populair Radio-DJ's on the Dutch radio

Hardstyle ambassador

Ambassador of the harder styles on the Dutch radio.


Show presentation

Well-known voice of Radio 538

Barend van Deelen was born at a time when the Netherlands is experiencing one peak after another… We are talking about the summer in which the Netherlands becomes European Football Champion. After a heavy delivery, on June 19, 1988, in the hospital in Amersfoort, Barend van Deelen came to earth crying continuously.


After going through countless schools in 2006, she was infected with a virus that is the only positive virus on this earth, besides the “orange fever”. The radio virus. He starts his musical journey at Decibel Amsterdam, to soon get his own show ‘Barend’ at 3FM. He left that station in December 2016 to switch to Radio 538. He now successfully presents the weekday evening show there.


In addition to making radio on Radio 538, he also makes YouTube videos for the YouTube channel for 538 and presents the festivals of 538, such as 538Koningsdag. His recognizable voice means that he can now also be booked for presentations of company parties and business events.


DJ Barend van Deelen has long been a guarantee for partygoers and fun on the radio, but can also be booked for all clubs and festivals. A unique DJ act that brings together all the beauty of Pop, Party, Hardstyle, and Dutch in an energetic set.

Booking Barend van Deelen

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Yossi de Groot

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