They are known for worldwide #1 hits and worked on the Grammy winning album of J Balvin. As DJ duo they are the inescapable with shows in 20+ countries


ChildsPlay achieved 18 Golden records, 8 Platinum records and 1 Diamond record in their career. Their music is known and appreciated all over the world.



ChildsPlay has worked with the world's biggest artists such as J Balvin, Sean Paul, Pitbull, T-Pain, Anitta, Gaia and many more.

In 2013 Don (MC), Keanu (Producer) & Steven (DJ) combined their creativity, experience, vision and qualities, and a new DJ act was born by the name of ChildsPlay. These Amsterdam-based artists are more than just some “lucky” creative talented guys. Dig a little deeper and you will find 3 determined, extremely motivated individuals whose work ethic and hustle is a testament to successful music artists in this day and age.


Over the last 4 – 5 years ChildsPlay has become a staple of the Dutch scene, carving out no less than 1 diamond, 8 platinum and 18 gold discs for their music within the last couple of years nationally and internationally. Last year their Dutch album went gold and they received multiple gold and platinum awards for collaborations with big international names. Working with artists like Anitta, Sean Paul, Pitbull, T-Pain, G- Eazy, Sfera Ebbasta, MC Fioti, Elettra Lamborghini, Trinidad James, Gaia, Duki and many more, a highlight of these has to be the Latin Grammy award received by ChildsPlay for working on the Latin Grammy winning album “Vibras” by J.Balvin. They have contributed to producing the song “Machika” which has been played more than 500.000.000 times.


ChildsPlay is one of the biggest established names in the Dutch scene. In 2019 just before the pandemic, ChildsPlay was doing 200 shows a year with sold-out clubs and festival mainstages mostly national, followed by international summer tours in Spain, Portugal, Greece, Bulgaria the U.K. and many more.


With the end of the pandemic in sight, it is time to take it to the next step and establish ChildsPlay worldwide! To make this happen they started off with the signing a new publishing deal with Warner Chappel Music. More is yet to come so stay tuned for ChildsPlay!

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