Rewind AllStars

Rewind AllStars

One DJ and one MC! Rewind is known for their energetic shows and their way of mixing different genres seamlessly together


Including Dutch Valley, Matrixx At The Park, Kingsland, Ploegendienst, Emporium, Groove Garden and many more



Strong DJ & MC combination with a lot of entertainment, hits and confetti

Rewind Allstars are coming to you? Cool clubs and leading festivals will set the scene for a brand-new DJ act. Rewind Allstars reels back to the hits of yesteryear and fast forwards to the hits of today! A unique mix between The Jackson 5, Nelly, Usher, Beyonce and the hot present.


Rewind Allstars stands – the name might have suggested it a bit – for the recognizable Rewind sound, from the parties of the same name. Parties that almost always sell out, in cities across the country. Go back in time with 90’s and 00’s hip-hop/R&B, combined with (disco) classics and hits. Collectively scream along to Ignition, wave those hands-on Single Ladies and whine on Turn Me On.


The female-friendly party where each song evokes a particular memory in the visitors. In short, Rewind is all about a feeling: that of freedom, creativity and, above all, quality music. Which originated in late August 2014 and quickly became a hit in Amsterdam. We have since “rewind” in several cities.


Rewind Allstars is now also going on College Tour! What does this mean? The Rewind sound and vibe to your student city! Attached you will find a PDF with all the info. In fact, we are offering a whole package: DJ, MC, photographer, goodies and even artwork for those not so into that. So you get a 90-minute set full of past and present hits at your student party and you don’t have to think about anything yourself.

Booking Rewind AllStars

Interested in booking Rewind AllStars for your event or do you have any other questions? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our agents. They will be happy to help you out.

Yossi de Groot

Yossi de Groot

Head of bookings
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