Tom van der Weerd

One of the most popular radio DJ's on the Dutch radio

150+ shows yearly

Big amount of shows on festivals and clubs



Well-known radio DJ & voice of Q-Music.

Tom van der Weerd is a young guy and full of energy. When he was 16 he realized that he wanted to become a DJ, father and mother van der Weerd that a less good idea, but Tom went after his dream. He once started playing in his own city Kampen in the crowded pubs, where he let everyone go crazy!


He was then allowed to play records for the local broadcaster for two years and then did an internship with the major stations 538 and SLAM! Here he stuck, and now he can be heard every day on Q-Music.


Tom is always up to date with the latest music and hypes that play among young people and he loves to play in the country.

Booking Tom van der Weerd

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