The biggest dance music radio station of The Netherlands is breaking down every festival and club with their energetic performances


SLAM! has 850.000+ monthly listeners, making SLAM! the largest radio station for dance music in The Netherlands.



SLAM! listeners are millennials between the ages of 20 - 49. SLAM! travels across the borders with the millennials to winter sports destinations during Dutchweek and to the sunny Chersonissos at Starbeach.



SLAM! On Tour and SLAM! as festival hosting can exclusively be booked at Dedicated Agency. SLAM! has already proven to be the party starter at various events and festivals such as Dance Valley and 7th Sunday festival.

SLAM! gets more hands in the air than an average robber. It is guaranteed to go wild. SLAM! does exactly what they do best, namely “partying”. It’s about the experience, the interaction and of course the fun. SLAM! has the black belt in the field of dance, but also pulls all other boxes inside out. At the end of the evening when all CO2 guns are empty, the SLAM! shirts have been shot into the audience, the moving heads are dizzy and the casks of beer are almost gone, nobody wants to go home anymore.



Housuh in de Pauzuh isn’t your average radio show; it’s a musical journey where Elaine Thiele takes listeners on a trip down memory lane. From club bangers of the 2000s to hip-hop hits of the ’90s, from today’s hottest tracks to secret guilty pleasures, and of course, the essential Christmas hits – it’s all there. The playlist of Housuh in de Pauzuh spans all directions! From Fisher and Martin Garrix to the Spice Girls and Dr. Dré. An eclectic mix of all genres, every day! And the exciting part is, Housuh in de Pauzuh doesn’t just pump through the radio waves; it also brings the party to your club or festival!



What can you expect with SLAM! on tour? A complete evening program including 2 DJs and an MC. The DJs from SLAM! build up the evening well and then blow off the roof. SLAM! on tour comes including stage decor with a light show and DJ booth.

In the run-up to the event, radio promotion will be done on SLAM! which has more than 850,000 listeners every week. The event will also be included in the agenda on the SLAM website! and in the calendar of the Facebook page of SLAM! which has more than 170,000 followers. As an event you get SLAM! merchandise to give away to the public.



In addition to the on tour, SLAM! can also be programmed as a hosting partner at a festival or event with its own area and program. SLAM! has turned various stages upside down, such as major festivals like 7th Sunday and Dance Valley. SLAM can also be found outside the country’s borders at the Dutchweek festivals, Motorsport Fan Village during the Grand Prix of Austria, and Starbeach in Hersonissos.

Booking SLAM!

Interested in booking SLAM! for your event or do you have any other questions? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our agents. They will be happy to help you out.

Yossi de Groot

Yossi de Groot

Head of bookings
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