Housuh in de Pauzuh

Housuh in de Pauzuh

The DJ-act of the popular SLAM! program between 12 and 14 on the Dutch radio with more than 1 million listeners weekly!


From club bangers from the 00’s to hip-hop bangers from the ’90s, big hits of today, but also typical guilty pleasures



The program is extremely popular and the amount of listeners continues to increase. Right now, half of the listeners are between the age of 23 and 29.

Elaine Thiele is the creative mastermind behind the extremely popular SLAM! program, “Housuh in de Pauzuh,” where around a million listeners tune in weekly for an exhilarating musical experience! “Housuh in de Pauzuh” airs daily between 12:00 and 14:00 on SLAM! Additionally, it has its own digital radio station because, why settle for just two hours a day when you can enjoy the best dance classics to the tastiest hip-hop bangers in a non-stop mix?


Housuh in de Pauzuh isn’t your average radio show; it’s a musical journey where Elaine Thiele takes listeners on a trip down memory lane. From club bangers of the 2000s to hip-hop hits of the ’90s, from today’s hottest tracks to secret guilty pleasures, and of course, the essential Christmas hits – it’s all there. The playlist of Housuh in de Pauzuh spans all directions! From Fisher and Martin Garrix to the Spice Girls and Dr. Dré. An eclectic mix of all genres, every day! And the exciting part is, Housuh in de Pauzuh doesn’t just pump through the radio waves; it also brings the party to your club or festival!


Under the leadership of Elaine Thiele, the success formula of Housuh in de Pauzuh can also be booked as the ultimate act for clubs, festivals, and any other event where she can surprise the audience with her delightful mix sets. A guaranteed celebration! Housuh in de Pauzuh represents not just music but a complete musical experience. Elaine’s passion and unique style make her a mixing goddess in the radio world, and that vibe is palpable in every mix of Housuh in de Pauzuh.

Booking Housuh in de Pauzuh

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Yossi de Groot

Yossi de Groot

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